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Update | Zveřejněno: 02/06/2017 22:47Napsal: DarkAng3l
New Weaponry:

Two new guns planned for the new map were finished this week and can now be found in airdrops. The MP40 is an antique SMG bridging the gap between carbines and assault rifles which will be improved upon in another upcoming gun, and the Determinator is a shotgun revolver with longer range but requiring better aim.

Update Notes:


  • Added MP40. [ID 1477]
  • Added MP40 magazine. [ID 1479]
  • Added Determinator. [ID 1480]


  • Improved scale tool to adjust sensitivity by bounds of mesh.


  • Tweaked chainsaw and jackhammer to alert zombies in a larger area. [Increased to 24m from 8m]


  • Fixed to only allowing climbing while standing, sprinting or swimming.
  • Fixed off by one error when killed while spawning into server.
  • Fixed to scale up backpacks/vests slightly on mega zombie model.
Map Progress:

This week I mostly finished decorating the landscape - I underestimated just how long it takes to place down all those boulders on the cliffsides so there's a few patches that still need doing. My goal for next week is to make good headway on finalizing the layouts of each location and filling buildings with furniture.

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