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Update | Zveřejněno: 27/05/2017 09:00Napsal: DarkAng3l
Update Notes:


  • Added Jackhammer to mining locations. [ID 1475]
  • Added Luger to care packages. [ID 1476]


  • Improved area selecting to work with shift expand selection.
  • Improved multiselect enum dropdowns to highlight selected flags.


  • Tweaked devkit search to sort alphabetically.


  • Fixed tire/battery spawn chance working opposite of intended.
  • Fixed to allow sprinting in shallow water.
  • Fixed launch preferences getting overwritten by some updates.
  • Fixed server incorrectly sending large buildable packets.
  • Fixed not granting quest note rewards clientside.
  • Fixed some curated objects still showing with Object_Browser.Show_Curated_Objects set to false.
  • Fixed area selecting flick of the mouse wrong size and items behind camera.
  • Fixed area select to respect selection mask.
  • Fixed resetting devkit search scroll between searches.
Map Progress:

This week the map started properly taking shape with the rough landscape in place and the planned locations in their final spots, though a few new ideas have come to mind I'd like to work on soon. A couple places are somewhat detailed, this being one of the less spoilery ones:

Over the next week I'll be polishing/finalizing the landscape with materials, foliage, trees, boulders, erosion, etc and continuing to detail the locations themselves.

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